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Office Philosophy & Policies

Office Philosophy

It is the purpose of this office is to be kind and courteous to all who come for our assistance. Our concern is your total health. After performing a complete and comprehensive exam Doctor Obetz will review your findings and answer any questions that you may have. An initial treatment plan will be designed for your specific condition along with the treatment procedures. Doctor Obetz will follow your condition on a visit by visit basis and make any necessary changes immediately in order to relieve your pain and expedite your recovery to good health. The main goal is to first relieve the patient of their pain and to stabilize the situation. At that point it is up to the patient to decide the future care. Patients may continue into the next phase of care which is the rehabilitative/corrective care stage to further their progression back to good health to prevent or minimize the condition from returning. After this stage, the patient may choose to enter the wellness care phase to maintain optimal health and function of the body. Since some patients just want to get out of pain and other want to feel as well as they can all the time, our office will work in conjunction with the patient and assist them in achieving the health and wellness level of their choice.

Office Policies

Our office accepts most health insurance programs. We understand that good health care costs good money. Therefore, we prefer for services to be paid at the time the services are rendered. Under certain circumstances, special arrangements may be made to make monthly payments. We allow this to occur, knowing that patients are expecting our office to be responsible for providing top quality care and that after the patients are better, have achieved maximal results, or have achieved their level of desired result that they may still have an outstanding balance. Those patients will be responsible to Doctor Obetz to continue to make monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

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