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We take great pride in our work! Thank you!

"Doctor Douglas Obetz is the real deal! He's absolutely "Brilliant"!!! His positive outlook on life and no problem attitude is contagious."

Doctor Obetz sincerely wants to get you better - as fast as possible. He knows it is important to continue leading active and productive lives.

I know his business sign reads Chiropractor but Doctor Obetz has become our family doctor. He has "taken care of" my family from a broad spectrum of injuries and aliments from sports injuries; sprains, breaks, muscle strains/pulls, whiplash; respiratory; asthma, allergies, headaches, sinus pressure; orthopedic; diagnosed osteochondromas, wrapping techniques to aid in faster recovery from should and foot injuries; orthotics (falling arches); dermatology; various skin conditions, health; supplements, nutrition advice.

Doctor Obetz has been a God sent blessing to my family. He has practically cured my daughter of asthma.
I often worried about my daughter and her asthma. I was afraid for her. He has given her the ability to breathe more freely and to be active like I never could have imagined. He diagnosed my son's osteochondromas (bone tumor/benign), and helped my eldest with back, knee and neck pain. The list could go on and on...

It's been said that people come in to our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. For whatever your need is, Doctor Doug Obetz will be there for you with a smile and a cure."

- Brigitte H.

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