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Nutrition is key!

The body can not be expected to do what it is to do if it is not nourished. Tissues of the body cannot function or respond properly without proper nutrients. For example - muscles need protein (the essential amino acids) in order to function and rebuild. Without the essential amino acids we do not repair and build muscle. Therefore, if an individual is breaking down muscle by working out (or just using them) but does not put back all the essential amino acids in the amount needed the individual will not repair and rebuild muscle. The muscles will eventually become weaker and/or if they are an athlete, may become more easily injured. We also need to remember that if an individual has a GI issue where they can not properly breakdown the protein they ingest (the stomach acid needs to be a pH of 1, 2, or 3 in order to breakdown a piece of meat) then they will not rebuild their muscle either. Nutrition becomes very important in the healing of an individual. Statistics tell us that individuals who smoke cigarettes and those with diabetes heal much slower than an average person.

Doctors Obetz and Kennedy utilize numerous testing and evaluation procedures to help patients discover nutritional deficiencies in order to achieve optimal recovery and health. The methods utilized in our office are:

  • Blood testing: Traditional and functional blood testing prescribed by the doctors; lab will vary depending upon test prescribed.

  • Saliva testing: Functional testing sent to specific lab.

  • Stool testing: Functional testing sent to a specific lab.

  • Symptom Survey: In depth Questionnaire which is filled out by the patient then evaluated by the doctors.

  • Genetic testing: Blood/Saliva testing.

  • Food sensitivity testing: Blood testing sent to specific labs.

  • Nutritional Programs: Individualized general nutrition and sports specific nutrition for all ages based upon above findings.

If you have any special questions about your condition, a friend or loved one's condition please feel free to contact our office.


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