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Symptom Survey Session

Understand Your Body!

The Symptom Survey is designed to evaluate eight specific functions of your body.  They include: foundational issues, the endocrine, cardiovascular, liver and gallbladder, digestive, parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, as well as the male or female systems.  From your answers in the survey there are specific reports that are created to help determine possible imbalances in the autonomic nervous system.  

Why would this matter?  Let's take stress as an example. Stress can amp up the sympathetic system therefore making it challenging to digest the break down of food.  So a possible gastrointestinal problem may actually be a different imbalance of one or more of the eight bodily systems within the autonomic nervous system.

The reports will provide us specific groups that may be out of balance.  Then our doctors will discuss various nutritional solutions, along with your regular chiropractic visits, that will support and optimize your body's function.  It's the next step to personalized nutritional support for your overall well-being.

To schedule your session, please complete this symptom surveyONLY mark the line items that apply to you, leave all the other lines BLANK.  Once you have completed this form, please send a copy of your questionnaire to by scanning the document or uploading clear pictures in the email body.

Please note, if you have never visited our office and will be a new patient, you will also need to complete our new patient forms that you can find here.

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